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Shanchita Residence

Shanchita” means a “collection of memories”, in a way to treasure. The lifestyle of Dhaka has considerably changed over the last 35 years. Beautiful one unit houses with gardens have been replaced by uncaring high-rise apartments. Today’s apartments serve only to provide us with a residence and do little to become a home. The houses of the yesteryears held a rich collection of memories because families lived together, their gardens were treasured by the children to the elderly. There trees, verandas, terraces were not just elements but integral part of the life of the occupants.

The clients aspired for a 'Baganbari' - house in a garden, where their own children could grow up with ample places to play (something which is totally missing in the apartment housing of Dhaka now). And for them to entertain guests and relatives, something which is deeply engrain in the society of Dhaka. We decided then to develop 'Shanchita' for them. The house aspires to provide them and their children a collection of memories for them to grow in and cherish.