AK Khan
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Salauddin Kashem Khan Residence.

It was an honor to have designed this residence along with Bedmar & Shi of Singapore. Bedmar & Shi was the lead firm over here and we assisted them as the local architects in the architectural design but we played a more significant role in the interior and the engineering and AVP design of the building. The residence is a wonderful structure that cantilevers out into different directions to make full use of the great view of the site at Batali Hill. It is situates at one of the highest point of Chittagong and has gorgeous views of the bay.

The Terraces and the cantilever bedrooms make full use of the panoramic view of this particular location. The entry of the building is into a wonderful interior court around which the different functions are placed. On the ground level the living spaces and the dining spaces continuously flow in and out into the courtyard and onto the landscape around it. The building is made mainly with the handmade wooden form-work and does the texture of the wood is embossed onto the sides of the building. The rest of the building is of simple finishes, elegant color scheme with wonderful woodwork for its doors, windows and partitions. The residence is all about its setting and its wonderful view giving the owners extremely elegant and tranquil residence to live in.