City Alo. Photo@ Mustafa Tarique Hadi
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City Alo: Women Flagship Branch

The environment inside a bank branch is expected to be sterile, stiff and formal at best. This reality is what makes The City Alo Flagship Branch unique and first of its kind in the city. Right next to the busy Gulshan Avenue, this office space-cum-coffee lounge is a quiet little oasis for those in need of a respite from exhausting day-to-day life. The idea of The City Alo Flagship Women Branch Design Project was to make sure the branch was absolutely unlike a stereotypical bank branch. Instead, they wanted a cafe branch that offered utmost comfort to their female customers. This idea is the foundation that the architects built upon and did so with copious enthusiasm.

City Alo is the dedicated women banking division of City Bank. The bank has partnered with Gloria Jean’s Coffees to place a kiosk in the branch premises. According to their vision, customers can just walk into the branch office, grab a relaxing cup of coffee and get their banking requirements met by the relationship managers, no need to wait on a queue. One’s expectation of encountering a busy workspace is instantly transformed into astonished appreciation at encountering this cozy, spacious bank branch wrapped in the disguise of a cafe. 5,811 square feet of the ground floor includes tasteful seating arrangements, muted lights, experimental woodwork that only adds to the warmth factor. Little splashes of colour here and there add to the feminine feel. Greenery is almost a prerequisite in instantly upping the comfort factor of a space and adding visual pleasure. The plush couches also make you feel relaxed. The architects strived to create a ‘Shabby-Chic’ look with some classical elements and some rustic elements in the design. The place has a soft, yet adequate lighting. Lack of a false ceiling makes the space look large and airy. Almost all the material used in the decor is locally sourced.

(Text Courtesy : Showcase Magazine)City Alo: Women Flagship Branch