Shayesta Khan
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3 Community Centers

Community centers , usual are conceived as wedding/function venues. When we were awarded the design of 3 community centers in Old Dhaka area, we decided to challenge this notion. Our design firstly addressed the issue of how to serve the community in a much greater level.

We consider gender issues, age demography, social needs, and also how to not only bring more of the community to the place but also how to enrich the community. The designs incorporate social , cultural and physical needs of the community. We had started from finding common grounds and activities that will transgress beyond age, gender and social background. For that we have integrated Art and Music schools and also a Library. These would not only bring the community together but enrich them. We then wanted to find a way to bond the community and we thought that Gyms and Cafes would be ideal. So besides the typical function facility we have tried to design the place as a ''center" of activity and coming together. The projects have been designed with with a common feature of a ocular window as a symbol of unity. Each one of them are also very particular to its location and the needs of that area.